We’ve had lots of requests from our readers regarding how to do the metallic Epoxy flooring lately. So, we set our editorial team at Ultimate Epoxy Flooring to create a manual for all the DIY lovers in Sydney. The following instructions, therefore, will show you how to take care of such a task.

We’ve also prepared a manual on how to make a 3D Epoxy floor that might interest you.

Step One: Mixing Part A and B Separately

You must prepare the part A mixture 24 hours before doing metallic epoxy flooring. That means you should mix the metallic powder with part A sealer the day before you start coating. This allows the paint to blend in well and keeps the chunks away.

Put all the dark metallic powder you have into the part A bucket, and use a mixing tool for about 10-20 minutes to blend it. Make sure that no chunks and or unwanted pieces are left after the job. Finally, use a long tool to remove the chunks off the bucket edges and start blending the solution for one last time—preferably with higher speed.

Now, let the mixture rest for the next 24 hours. (don’t forget to cover the bucket’s top with a proper sealer).

Step Two: Applying the Mixture

Assuming that the surface has already been prepared and ground for metallic epoxy flooring, it’s time to smear the premier coat. But first, you have to combine part A with part B. The accepted ration for this solution is 2:1. So, use 2 parts of A solution (the one you made last day) for a 1-part B solution.

Read our guide on cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy In case you haven’t prepared the base yet.

Bear in mind that you shouldn’t make an excessive mixture. That’s because Epoxy has a limited time after being exposed to air and it may get dry before application.

Put on the mixture on the concrete base and use a large roller to spread it all over the place. Make sure that all the edges are covered with Epoxy before shifting to the next area. Utilize a brush attached to a long handle to reach the edges for one last touch.

Let the surface rest for the next 24 hours.

Step Three: Sanding, Vacuuming, and Alcohol Washing

Now that the premier dark metallic Epoxy is completely dry, you must sand it. There are several bumps and contaminators that you don’t want on the final coat. So, get a long-handled sanding pad and start smoothing the area. You can also use a buffer (i.e. a base cleaner machine) with a sanding pad to smooth the area.

Here’s a guide on how to use and care for a floor cleaning machine.

Then, vacuum the place to remove the remains. And finally, mob the ground with alcohol covered brushes.

Step Four: Applying the Accented Layer

When putting on the second layer, use a brush and drop some random lines of the accent colors on the base. In this case, since we used the dark metallic powder for the premier coat, the accent color can be a mixture of light silver metallic hue.

Right after the application of the second layer and accent colors, grab a roller and move it randomly on the surface. You have to do this to blend the accent hue with the second Epoxy layer.

Ask another person to utilize a torch and remove the bumps and wrinkles from the base. The fire can dry the surface immediately and leave no space for such unwanted stuff to cover it.

That’s it, you’ve successfully learned how to do the metallic Epoxy floor!

We Can Help with All That

In case it sounds like too much work to do, Contact Us, and let our operational team take care of all that. We’ve been working ass the installer of so many different Epoxy bases in Sydney. (commercial floors, food flooring, and hospital flooring just to name a few). So, you can trust our knowledge and technology as well as our experience.

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