Protecting the parking lot base is a concern to many homeowners in Sydney. And coating it using paints is a go-to for all of them. However, cleaning garage floor before Epoxy is what some of them do wrong or don’t do at all, which leads to failure.

So, in this article of Ultimate Epoxy Flooring, we’ll teach you how to prepare the garage surface for coating substance. But if you’ve already finished this part and painted the base, here’s a guide on how to clean the painted floors as well.

Washing The Oil & Grease Spill On The Garage Base Before Coating

These two substances will never allow the paint to stick to the surface. So, you have no choice but eliminating them thoroughly. Here, we have a manual that illustrates the appropriate techniques to deal with oily or greasy epoxy garage floors.

  • First, make a washing solution using alkaline detergent or commercial concrete degreaser. (The appropriate ratio is mentioned on the product package). Here’s a guide on how to choose the best cleaner for an Epoxy floor.
  • Spread the liquid all over the place and let it soak for 3 to 5 min.
  • Keep the surface wet during the whole procedure and apply more liquid if it’s drying.
  • If the spills are too sticky, start scrubbing them using a mod or long-handled brush. (Do this until the spills seem loose enough to wash them off).
  • Now, use a bucket of lukewarm water and rinse the area several times to see that the substance is fully removed.
  • Repeat the procedure in case the spills are still covering the surface.
  • Finally, let the base completely dry before moving onto the next phase—painting.

Looking for a way to get rid of greasy stuff on your base? Here’s a manual on how to clean oil spill on Epoxy garage floor .

3 Ways of Preparing The Parking Lot Ground For Epoxy

Creating a fitting surface for the paint to stick is not going to be an easy task. However, if you neglect this stage, you may easily cause more than good. So, try NOT to skip the preparation phase before starting the actual coating activity.

There are 3 ways to prep the garage floor for Epoxy that we only offer two of them in case you have a residential parking lot. Read on to find out what are these two methods!

Shot Blasting

Technically, we call this procedure blast tracking, and it’s basically the usage of small steel shots at very high speed to blast the surface. However, you should know that this technique is not affordable for homeowners. In fact, we only recommend companies and commercial flooring owners to utilize it.

Acid Etching

This one suits the residential usages way better than the previous one. Indeed, anyone can make a blend of acid and water and utilize it to prep the floor. However, there are some downsides to this method which should be noted before finalizing any decisions.

For example, you must let it remain on the surface for long enough time. Otherwise, it won’t work and the contaminations will continue sticking to the ground. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the acid-water mixture is completely removed from the base, which means you should rinse the area more than once. Plus, you have to measure the PH level of the zone to see if it’s acidic or not. (The PH level of 7-8 means you’re good to go).  


This method of cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy is the best one. It’s simple, cheap, risk-free, practical, and trustworthy. So, in case you have a residential parking lot that needs some coating care, use this technique.

First, rent a mechanical grinder and rough the area until it looks porous enough to hold the paint. Then, clean the dust and removed pieces of concrete to have a debris-free zone. Finally, rinse the ground with lukewarm water and let it dry up before you start the painting.

Things That Will Cause Painting Failure

These are the additives that would prevent the paint from sticking to the base and eventually cause failure. So, be sure that the ground you’re working on is not containing any of them.

  • Oil, previous sealers, moisture, contamination, all additives on concrete
  • Waxy or silicon-based sealers
  • Curing compounds
  • Chemical hardeners
  • Bonding agents
  • Bond breaking agents
  • Additives used to enhance air entrainment
  • Peeling old paint

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