Homeowners in Sydney have always been looking for the best cleaner for an Epoxy garage floor. But the answers, on the other hand, have always been tricky. So, here’re we are again to lend a helping hand with that. 

Below you can find Ultimate Epoxy Flooring top 3 parking lot coat cleaner picks as well as some pieces of expert advice on what to avoid during the cleanup procedures.

If your place is not shielded yet, don’t miss out on our guide on cleaning the garage floor before Epoxy.

Choosing Best Cleaner for an Epoxy Garage Floor

There are 3 main products that we’d suggest all our clients use when it comes to maintaining their parking lot base. However, not any of them is the perfect one for all the different situations you may face.

So, here’s a list of top solutions and an explanation of what are they good at.


If you’d like to have a shiny coat that never gets old, this one is the best bet. It helps the covered bases to retain their fresh look and appealing aspects. It’s not a heavy-duty solution; so, don’t expect it to rid you of all the unwanted stuff. But we’ve to admit that this is what every residential parking lot owner must have in their cleanup arsenal.

Just fill a 5-gallon bucket with lukewarm water and then use 6 liters of Windex to make the sterilizing liquid ready. Now, spread it over the coat using a mop and then wash the area thoroughly.

Simple Green

In case you’re struggling with some serious base-related issues such as non-cleanable stains, this one can come in handy. So, don’t opt to use it for minor issues such as oil leaks. Instead, use our guide on how to clean the oil spill on a garage floor.

The formula to make a proper solution is to add 2.25 liter of this product to 5 gallons of water. However, make sure that it doesn’t remain on your coat for a long time—otherwise, you may face more serious problems.


When rust becomes a major problem, nothing works better than this one. When oxidation starts to bother you, all that is left to do is making a magical liquid that will remove it and rid you of the extra housework.

We Usually use this substance to clean commercial flooring, hospital flooring, office flooring, etc. So, it’s not always recommended to homeowners.

Use 3.50 liter of CLR per 1 gallon of lukewarm water to prepare the needed liquid. Next, spread it all over the area and scrub it gently till the oxidation is gone. Finally, wash the place off using hand-hot water and let it dry slowly.

Homemade Epoxy Garage Floor Cleaner

It’s possible to cut back on the budget by learning how to make household Epoxy garage floor cleaner. So, we decided to give you a superbly simple formula that is as follows:

Ammonium Hydroxide Method

  1. Fill a 1- or 5-liter gallon with warm water.
  2. Add a 100 milliliter of Ammonium hydroxide per one liter of water. Use the outcome as your primary cleanser for parking lot ground.

Avoid These When Maintaining Parking Lot Base

● Do NOT sterilize a base using soap-containing substances. These products will eventually reduce the sheen of the ground, making it seem dim and gloomy.

  • Comet chemicals are too intense for a garage base. So, avoid utilizing them unless you want to cause more harm than good.
  • Bear in mind that vinegar is a solution that can remove the Epoxy—not clean it! So, steer clear from it while trying to protect your parking lot coat.
  • Citrus solutions are like vinegar, they cause more harm than good no matter what.

Have More Questions on Best Cleaner for an Epoxy Garage Floor?

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